Put Your Wastewater to Work

  • Proven Technology
  • 20+ Years Experience in Water Management
  • Cost Savings

The oilfield is in our DNA. Fountain Quail has been working with leading producers in major oil and gas plays across North America for more than 20 years.

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Improving Water Economics in Shale Plays

No Recycling

50/50 Freshwater/Recycling

100% Recycled Supply

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*Transport and Storage includes Freshwater Transport, Freshwater Storage, Produced Water Transport and Produced Water Storage.

What Our Customers Say

“Our team has been thoroughly impressed by the mobility of your treatment solution, the water quality you are able to deliver, and the rate at which you deliver it.”

Large E&P, Permian Basin

Fountain Quail is a founding member of the Texas Water Recycling Association