Fountain Quail Drilling

Headquartered in Marietta, Ohio, Fountain Quail Drilling, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fountain Quail Energy Services. Our management team has a long and successful history of serving customers across the Appalachian Basin – Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Excellence in operations is the cornerstone of our success and the reason we are widely recognized as an industry leader in the region.

We use state-of-the-art drilling technology and best practices to meet the unique needs of our customers. These include advanced air drilling techniques that minimize environmental impacts where appropriate. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is demonstrated by our certification under the IADC RigPass and SafeLand USA.

Fountain Quail's unique fleet of top-hole drilling rigs include Schramm TXD 200 rigs which are trailer-mounted, top-head-drive drill rigs with automated pipe handling systems. The TXD utilizes innovative Schramm Telemast technology to achieve Range 3 drill pipe/Range 3 casing length capability in an efficient, readily transportable package. Ideally suited for shallow gas, surface hole, CBM, directional and large diameter drilling applications with mud or air with a working depth of 9,000 feet. 

Safe and highly efficient, our top-hole drilling rigs offer our customers a number of advantages:

  • The rigs can run larger casing with ease.
  • New fully automated rig reduces down time due to mechanical malfunctions. 
  • The Schramm TXD 200 is able skid from one well to another.
  • Fast set up time and  rig moves reduce down time.
  • Able to run their own casing, eliminating the need for additional casing crews. 
  • The rigs can drill to KOP faster, reducing the number of days on a well.
  • Operators do not need to rent air packages.
  • Our crews are experienced with air drilling and air hammers.
  • New fully automated rig reduces downtime due to mechanical malfunctions. 

Please contact us at or 740.373.4599 for additional details and rig inventory.