We have been innovators in oilfield water management technology for more than 20 years.

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1992: Fountain Quail’s original parent company Aqua Pure is founded and develops prototype evaporator technology.

1994: Aqua Pure receives first patent issued for its prototype evaporator system.

1996: Aqua Pure completes IPO.

1996: Aqua Pure develops the first evaporator in Alberta Heavy Oil (SAGD) service.

1997: Aqua Pure files worldwide process patent and builds the first oilfield evaporator in Alberta Heavy Oil.

1997: Aqua Pure develops the first brine concentrator in NaCl brine cavern service — concentrates brine to saturation.

2000: Aqua Pure signs its first joint venture, partnering with a leading Canadian E&P company.

2001: Aqua Pure receives patent for Compact Rising Film Evaporator (CRFE) technology.

2003: Aqua Pure works with the Fountain Quail team to develop the NOMAD™ design.

2004: NOMAD™ 1 is installed on a Devon Energy wellpad.

2004: Fountain Quail becomes the first commercial recycler of shale water in the U.S. (Barnett Shale)

2005: Fountain Quail receives the first Produced Water Recycle Permit issued in the state of Texas.

2007: NOMAD™ 8 and 9 installed in the Barnett Shale.

2009: Fountain Quail enters the Marcellus Shale.

2010: Fountain Quail is the first shale water recycler to meet Pennsylvania DEP discharge specifications for treatment of produced water to freshwater standard.

2010: Fountain Quail receives the first NPDES discharge permit in the state of Arkansas for treatment of produced water to freshwater standard.

2011: Fountain Quail expands operations into the Eagle Ford Shale and introduces the ROVER™ system.

2011: Fountain Quail leads the charge in founding the Texas Water Recycling Association (www.txwra.org).

2013: Multiple ROVER™ units are deployed in West Texas.

2015: Fountain Quail secures private equity commitment of up to $40 million.

2016: Fountain Quail acquires majority of the assets of Green Hunter Resources.

2016: Kirk Trosclair named CEO of Fountain Quail Energy Services, LLC.

2016: Fountain Quail launches pipeline transfer service line.

2016: Fountain Quail acquires Fraxtar ClO2  treating system.