For operators looking to reduce costs, minimize truck traffic, increase safety, improve logistics and reduce environmental impact, the MAG Tank™ system complements Fountain Quail’s Total Water Management Solutions® set.

Offering a cost-competitive solution to traditional earthen impoundments and first generation ASTs, the MAG Tank™ is a modular, aboveground containment solution. The MAG Tank™ provides operators with a flexible, customizable footprint, multiple capacities and a solution that significantly reduces truck traffic compared to individual frac tanks.

MAG Tank’s design features a modular approach with standardized panels. Containment capacities start at 10,000 barrels with designs that exceed 100,000 barrels. Multiple heating options are available.

MAG Tank™ employs reusable, portable and sturdy steel panel wall units that enable quick assembly and disassembly, minimizing costly downtime. A disposable, impermeable liner and geotextile substrate provide water containment and a puncture-resistant ground covering. After site preparation, a MAG Tank™ is typically installed in one to two days.

Purchase and rental options are available. Unlimited design and capacity are configurations available with engineering approval.