Eagle Ford Shale, Texas


This producer issued an RFP for water recycling services on an environmentally sensitive ranch in the Eagle Ford Shale. The producer preferred to use recycled clean brine with near 100% bacteria kill and no iron and suspended solids for fracs.


We installed a ROVER™ system in a central location within the drilling and completions activity on the ranch. We successfully put the customer’s wastewater to work, turning a liability into an asset and cutting the customer’s water management costs.


This customer selected Fountain Quail after performing significant due diligence on our track record and technology. The ROVER™ system effectively treated a wide range of feed water — flowback and produced water — that was trucked into the central recycling location and pumped into the Fountain Quail system.

To ensure near 100% bacteria kill, we worked closely with the customer to develop a simple and effective biocide polish on the system’s clean brine output. Bacteria levels were continuously monitored throughout the project and consistently fell within the customer’s strict requirements.


June 2014 – January 2015
Volume recycled: 740,581 bbls


Project Photos

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