Permian Basin: Midland County, Texas


A large E&P company was having difficulty sourcing adequate frac supply water. Additionally, capacity at the customer’s SWD was limited, complicating produced water disposal.


We Installed the ROVER™ system at the SWD pad and put the customer’s wastewater to work, turning a liability into an asset and cutting the customer’s water management costs.


The old paradigm was recycling OR disposal. Our approach here integrated recycling AND disposal to improve water economics. The customer aggregated produced water from three nearby SWDs that were connected by existing pipeline. We installed a ROVER™ and utilized SWD tanks as feed supply tanks; no pad was necessary. Instead, the ROVER™ was located at the SWD pad. We tied the ROVER™ into the existing three-phase power that fed the SWD pump. Since the ROVER™ utilized significantly less power than the injection pump, our customer saved on power costs while recycling. The customer’s infrastructure (gathering lines, gun barrel separator) continued to function as designed. The ROVER™ operated 24/7 during the period when frac water was in demand and we encountered no safety or environmental compliance issues. The clean ROVER™ brine was used successfully for frac supply on nearby wells. When the wells in the region were completed the ROVER™ was disconnected and the SWD went back to its intended function; no alteration to the gathering infrastructure was required.


April – November 2014
Volume recycled: 1,212,788 bbls


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