Permian Basin, Reeves County, Texas


A large E&P company had difficulty sourcing adequate frac supply water in the region. The situation was particularly complex due to the producer’s need for frac supply water similar in composition to the saltwater native to the formation.


We installed a ROVER™ unit at the producer’s SWD to put the customer’s wastewater to work, turning a liability into an asset and cutting the customer’s water management costs.


This project was a resounding success, as we provided ROVER™ treated clean brine as the frac supply for 100% of all fracs on a multiwell pad. The ROVER™ system treated water on the fly from the adjacent SWD, keeping pace with the frac schedule during continuous operations.

The turbidity of the ROVER™ treated brine was only 1-3NTU. All of the solids and iron were effectively removed ahead of containment. A customized scale inhibitor program was used to prevent downhole sulfate scale deposition. This allowed clean solids-free “native” water from the formation to be used successfully as frac supply water without dilution or blending.


November 2014 – March 2015
Volume recycled: 495,000 bbls


Project Photos

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