Barnett Shale, NE Texas


Freshwater was not readily available in the region and produced water disposal proved difficult. A large E&P company needed large volumes of freshwater to supply fracs at multiple well locations, as well as an efficient, cost-effective means of disposing of produced water.


We installed 14 NOMAD™ sites throughout the producer’s acreage position in the region; each site had two to four NOMAD™ units. We strategically spaced the units to ensure all water was recycled in close proximity to drilling and completions activity, thereby increasing the efficiency of transporting pretreated produced water and distilled freshwater.


The success of this project initiated a decade-long partnership between Fountain Quail and this industry-leading producer. We had as many as four multi- NOMAD™ sites running concurrently; a four-unit NOMAD™ site configuration can supply up to 10,000 BPD of distilled freshwater.

This project helped build Fountain Quail’s successful track record in Texas. We received the first produced water recycling permit in the state of Texas and helped found the Texas Water Recycling Association ( In recognition of our exemplary track record in the Barnett, the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) revised its produced water recycling rules in 2013 to allow NOMAD™ distilled water to be handled as freshwater for the purpose of oilfield reuse.


November 2004 – December 2013
Installed 14 separate NOMAD™ locations.
Volume recycled: More than 20 million bbls recycled back to freshwater from produced water otherwise destined for disposal, thereby saving 20 million bbls of potable water.


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