Delaware Basin, Culberson County, Texas


An industry-leading customer was operating a field that had an existing network of freshwater pits/lines. However, the customer’s drilling locations were extremely remote, featured poor access roads and a lack of ample freshwater, all of which complicated freshwater trucking and increased the price of freshwater. The customer wished to make its wellpads more water self-sufficient and reached out to Fountain Quail for a cost-effective freshwater solution.


We installed two NOMAD™ units at the customer- owned SWD. The NOMAD™ distilled produced water from the SWD and pumped it to two nearby frac pits for storage. We put the customer’s wastewater to work, turning a liability into an asset and cutting the customer’s water management costs.


This recycle site was more than two hours by car from the nearest city, so it was imperative that we established a self-sufficient operation. The customer successfully completed its wells in the region using NOMAD™ over 1.5 million bbls of distilled water through an existing freshwater pit and pipeline network. As an added bonus, the NOMAD™ concentrated brine byproduct was made available as “10# brine” in the region.


May 2013 – February 2015
Volume recycled: Over 1.5 million bbls recycled back to freshwater from produced water otherwise destined for disposal.


Project Photos

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