Marcellus Shale, Williamsport, Pennsylvania


This water service provider had an existing metals-precipitation treatment plant, but the existing infrastructure lacked the capability of desalinating Marcellus Shale produced water to meet discharge specifications.


We installed three NOMAD™ units at customer’s water treatment plant to treat incoming produced water from multiple producers in the region. The NOMAD™ distilled water continues to meet EPA and DEP discharge specifications (<500mg/L TDS, <250mg/L chlorides).


This historic project represents the first successful commercial treatment of Marcellus Shale produced water to a freshwater standard. Water in the Marcellus is unique. It has extremely high dissolved solids content, as well as other characteristics (high barium, strontium, etc.) that make it difficult to treat for reuse or safe discharge. By installing the NOMAD™ system, we prevented high NORM solids from precipitating from the wastewater, thereby preventing health and cost-related handling problems. Our innovation of this water treatment facility earned us the prestigious Chairman’s Stewardship Award from the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) in 2011. The customer’s facility has become a showcase of water management expertise for the entire Marcellus Shale region and continues to operate.


2010 – current.
First to treat Marcellus Shale produced water to discharge quality specifications.


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