Water Treatment

Put Your Wastewater to Work ™

Water management is a top tier issue for most oil and gas producers.

Across all U.S. shale plays, an average of 12 barrels of water is produced for every barrel of oil. In 2015, approximately 66 million barrels per day flowed out of onshore U.S. oil and gas wells. By 2020, produced water volumes are expected to reach 92 million barrels per day.[1] Industry experts estimate that 2015 oilfield water management costs in the U.S exceeded $37 billion.[2] Our goal is always to help operators reduce their water management costs by integrating our propriety treating and recycling systems into their on-site operations.

During our 20 years in the oil patch, we have treated and recycled produced water in most major North American shale plays. Fountain Quail’s proprietary water treating and recycling systems, MAVREX™, ROVER™, and NOMAD™ are safe, reliable and rugged.

Battle-tested in major shale plays by leading operators, Fountain Quail’s technologies cut water-specific operating costs by at least 30% and up to 80%. We put your wastewater to work for the lowest possible price, making your water operations increasingly self-sufficient and environmentally responsible through safe, reliable chlorine dioxide treatment and/or recycling technologies that turn your produced water into a clean, reusable asset.

[1] Source: IHS, Future of Water in Unconventionals study

[2] Source: Dissecting Water Management Practices for Substantive Improvements in Environment, Health, Safety, and Cost Outcomes, Environmental Shale Water Management Magazine (p. 16, November/December 2015 issue)


Fountain Quail’s ROVER™ , NOMAD™ and MAVREX™ can effectively eliminate the need for produced water transport and disposal and freshwater sourcing, allowing operators to save at least 30% and up to 80% on water management costs.


No Recycling

50/50 Freshwater/Recycling

100% Recycled Supply

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*Savings represent typical industry costs. Transport and Storage includes Freshwater Transport, Freshwater Storage, Produced Water Transport and Produced Water Storage. Contact Fountain Quail at info@fountainquail.com or 972.410.1044 for specific costs in your area.

Getting Started

  1. 5 Gallons | 5 Days
    A Fountain Quail water management plan begins when our qualified lab technicians analyze a five-gallon wastewater sample taken from your wellpad and create a complete water profile for your project. Typically, we can tell you within five business days if we can treat your water and meet your objectives.
  2. Cost Estimate & Treatment Plan
    Our team uses this water profile to adequately estimate treatment and installation costs, tailoring a comprehensive wastewater management plan that meets your specific needs.
  3. On-site Logistics, Planning & Installation
    We work around your frac schedules to carefully plan the most opportune time to install our system. All of our proprietary water recycling systems can be easily integrated on an active wellpad in a short period of time.
  4. Water Treatment Begins
    After installation, we immediately begin to carefully monitor, treat and store your recycled water at your desired location for reuse or safe surface discharge.

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