Clean Brine — ROVER™

Fountain Quail’s ROVER™ system is designed to safely and reliably convert produced and flowback water to clean saltwater for reuse during hydraulic fracturing.

Our ROVER™ technology removes suspended solids and polymers and can easily be configured for hardness reduction and the selective removal of specific elements. Specifically designed in the oilfield for high capacity treatment, the ROVER™ generates clean brine at the lowest possible price. Each ROVER™ system is capable of recycling 10,000 BPD of clean brine and can help lower water-specific operating costs by 30% to 80%, depending on location.

The ROVER™ is a compact, mobile system that consists of a low-profile water clarification trailer and an auxiliary support trailer. The unit’s compact 30'-by-55' footprint fits conveniently on any wellpad, and it is easily integrated into all on-site completion and water management equipment within a single day. Once installed, produced water is pumped from our customer’s source (frac tank, SWD or pit) into the ROVER™. We then use an adjustable chemical system and a proprietary polymer blend to flocculate suspended solids and organics. The solids settle on the bottom of our built-in sludge thickener, where they are continuously collected and removed. Clean brine is pumped out of the ROVER™ unit to the customer’s designated storage location for reuse in future hydraulic fracturing jobs.

Competitive Technologies

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ROVER™ Case Studies

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ROVER™ Treatment Objective

  • pH neutral crystal clear, clean brine for frac reuse.  
  • TSS removal, iron removal, bacteria removal, nutrient removal to prevent bacteria growth and sludge formation.
  • On-board solids handling

Technical Specifications

  • Feed Capacity: 10,000 BPD
  • Clean Brine Capacity: 10,000 BPD
  • Footprint: Two 8'-by-50' trailers, 30'x55' total system
  • Electrical Demand: 100 kW 

The Process

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