ClO₂ Treating — MAVREX™

Fountain Quail’s MAVREX™ system utilizes the safest and most advanced chlorine dioxide (ClO2) technology on the market today. ClO2 is a selective disinfecting oxidizer that has been used in various industries in the United States for more than 70 years and for more than 20 years in the oilfield. Environmentally friendly and EPA-approved, ClO2 is extremely effective with a rapid kill rate and low dose ratio. It is effective across a broad range of bacteria, fungi, biofilms and viruses and is less corrosive than chlorine (bleach).

The MAVREX™ system is essentially a water-treatment plant housed inside a trailer. ClO2 is generated on site via a mobile or permanently mounted generator using water and three common liquid precursors: sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite. While ClO2 is a true gas, the MAVREX™ system uses technology from International Dioxide (IDI) that creates ClO2 in situ with the water stream, thereby eliminating dangerous gas reaction chambers found in many competitor systems.

Using a patented process, the MAVREX™ system monitors (in real time) pre- and post-treatment water and self-adjusts as water conditions change. This is in contrast to other systems which rely on fixed-rate dosing and manual sampling with a large margin of error. By automatically adjusting dose rates to changing conditions, chemical usage is optimized, overdosing is prevented, treated water will be bacteria free, and overall costs will be lowered.

Another exclusive feature is the treatment and blending of all water automatically in the trailer, making the MAVREX™ system unique in the industry. There is no need for external trailers or manifolds. Only treated water with low levels of ClO2 leaves the trailer, resulting in much safer operations.

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MAVREX™ Treatment ObjectiveS

  • On-site treatment of bacteria in any water used for hydraulic fracturing
  • Penetrate and remove biofilm in pipelines, tanks, and pits
  • Improve topside biological control in production
  • Simple and effective FeS and H2S odor control for storage, recycling, or disposal

Technical Specifications

  • Feed Capacity: up to 340 BPM
  • Footprint: 20'x53'for treatment trailer and chemicals + working/storage tanks
  • Electrical Demand: 60 kw via onboard diesel genset

The Process

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  • Water enters the trailer through two 8-inch lines (fresh) or one 6-inch line (produced) into the pump room.
  • Water quality is checked and a portion of the water (slipstream) is sent to the ClO2 generator room where ClO2 is added.
  • Water is checked again and returned to the main pump room, where it is blended and discharged to up to eight tanks.
  • There are additional suction and discharge lines to each tank to monitor residual ClO2 and ensure water quality KPIs are maintained.