Freshwater — NOMAD™

Our patented NOMAD™ system converts wastewater into surface discharge-quality freshwater, representing an environmentally favorable alternative to wastewater disposal in evaporation pits or injection wells as well as a cost-effective source of freshwater for fracing.

The NOMAD™ is the only system with more than a decade of continuous duty in generating freshwater from produced water. NOMAD™ technology employs the most energy-efficient thermal evaporator available in the market. The skid-mounted system was designed by Fountain Quail engineers to be modular, rugged and easy to clean and service. Each NOMAD™ system is capable of generating 2,000 BPD of distilled, surface discharge quality freshwater and can help lower water-specific operating costs by 30% to 80%, depending on location.

The durable NOMAD™ consists of an evaporation unit, a power generation unit and an auxiliary support and control unit. Multiple units may be deployed at a single location. The system’s 1,500 sf footprint consists of three 12'-by-40' skids. The NOMAD™ process effectively distills wastewater, heating the water to separate clean brine from freshwater. The resulting clean brine is pumped out of the unit to our customer’s designated storage location for potential reuse in future hydraulic fracturing jobs while the distilled freshwater may be safely discharged or stored for reuse in field operations. Fountain Quail complies with all federal, state and local environmental regulations and stands at the ready to immediately respond to our customers' freshwater management needs.

Fountain Quail also has the ability to build large capacity Modular Base Plant (MBP) Facilities with capacity ranging from 10,000 BPD to 60,000+ BPD. If your application demands high volume treatment to a freshwater standard, contact us at or 817.753.6934 to learn more about our MBP capabilities.


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NOMAD™ Case Studies

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NOMAD™ Treatment Objective

  • Pure distilled water for beneficial reuse or environmental discharge.
  • Near complete TDS removal; bacteria eliminated.
  • Secondary reuse product: clean, concentrated 10# brine.

Technical Specifications  

  • Feed Capacity: 2,500-4,000 BPD*
  • Distillate Capacity: 2,000 BPD
  • Distillate: Average ppm TDS <100 ppm
  • Distillate: Average ppm CI <50 ppm
  • MCF Required: 125 MCF/d
  • Footprint: Three 12'-by-40' skids
  • Electrical Demand: 100 kW 

* Varies with TDS of feed water

The Process

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