Other Industries

Fountain Quail offers the following ancillary services to complement our oilfield water management services. 

Heavy Oil

  • Fountain Quail's predecessor, Aqua Pure, built the first evaporator for use in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) Alberta heavy oil development. Our SAGD evaporator systems are compact, efficient and easy to clean. Today our heavy oil applications include produced water, boiler blowdown and settling pond wastewater.


  • Our NOMAD™ technology is ideally suited to clean up mining tailings for environmental discharge or reuse.

Energy Infrastructure

  • Our suite of unique technologies coupled with decades of oilfield experience enable us to apply our technical capabilities to a wide range of infrastructure solutions for the energy industry. Applications include cooling tower (CT) blowdown, boiler blowdown and RO reject management.

Zero Liquid Discharge

  • We are experienced in developing zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solutions for a wide range of applications. Please ask us about the valuable commodities we can help you recover utilizing a ZLD solution.